Valerie Nelson1 is a Graphic Designer2
who also3 makes4 other things5.


Also referred to as Val or Larry (Lerie). Valerie is a half human half dolphin, who jumped right out of the salty waters of South Florida and into a sketchbook. She's currently soggy and sleepy all the time, living in the sewers of New York City.


This refers to Valerie's current job title, along with her chosen major in college. Graphic Designer means "Designer of Graphics". Valerie is currently a Graphic Designer at Todd Oldham Studio.


This is a word to say that Valerie can do more than one thing. For instance, in the past she's input metadata, painted pet portraits, and cleaned toilets for money! She really can do it all.


Verb • /māk/ • draws, paints, illustrates, animates, writes, photographs, cuts, sews, glues, collages, needle felts, records a podcast, edits videos of pet turtle. And uh yea she also coded this website from scratch.


This website has primarily graphic related work, but occasionally there will be a Painting, an Animation, or an Illustration. There are other types of work Valerie does too but she does not know how to categorize them.

In all honesty, Valerie is a Graphic Designer and Visual Artist who makes Fun Stuff and Serious Stuff. She was born in Florida, studied Visual Art at Dreyfoos, Graphic Design at RISD, and now works in NYC. You can view her instagram here, or feel free to say

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